About the Foundation

The Foundation has been established in order to accumulate financial sources and properties on the basis of optional contributions and other legal revenues with the purpose of supporting the following:

  • promotion of rhythmic gymnastics on international level;
  • creation of favorable conditions for successful and dynamic development of rhythmic gymnastics on each continent;
  • worldwide popularization and upgrading of rhythmic gymnastics;
  • making rhythmic gymnastics more spectacular on international level;
  • organizational, methodical and material promotion of low-budget and re-established National rhythmic gymnastics federations and other similar National bodies promoting rhythmic gymnastics;
  • worldwide consolidation of veterans, supporters and sport societies with the aim of promoting rhythmic gymnastics;
  • worldwide material support of athletes, sport veterans, National rhythmic gymnastics federations and other similar bodies and individuals who are professionally concerned with our sport;
  • promotion of top-level achievements in rhythmic gymnastics;
  • ensuring the participation of young talented rhythmic gymnasts representing all National federations and other similar National organizations in the official FIG events;
  • upgrading rhythmic gymnastics judges, coaches and other specialists level;
  • social and financial support of international champions and prize winners;
  • financial and other support of international, national and foreign sport organizations;