Information for recipients of grants Acquisition of Grants

(for National Sport Federations promoting rhythmic gymnastics)


In order to acquire a grant from the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Charity Foundation (hereinafter referred to as ‘Foundation’), each National Sport Federation (hereinafter referred to as ‘NSF’) should do the following:

1) Visit our website

2) Fill in a grant application form which can be found in the section ‘Information for Grant Applicants’ (for NSF / legal persons)

3) Send the completed application form along with its bank details to Foundation:

4)  Upon receipt of the above NSF’s application, Foundation will make up a contract in order to wire the amount of donation in favour of NSF for its purposes. An NSF’s draft financial report and a scanned copy of the contract, signed by Foundation, will be sent to a NSF via e-mail

5)  Upon receipt of the contract and a draft financial report to be made on the grant, NSF will sign the above documents and send both scanned copies to Foundation via e-mail

6)  Upon receipt of the signed contract and NSF’s financial report, Foundation will order its bank to transfer the resp. amount in favour of NSF, in accordance with the contract

7) Bank will wire the resp. amount of donation to NSF